Grutas de Xajha: a natural paradise in the state of Hidalgo


Grutas de Xajha: a natural paradise less than five hours from CDMX (hot springs, springs and impressive views).

Travelers who love to visit magical towns will find in Zimapán the opportunity to get to know not only one more of these charming little towns in the state of Hidalgo, but they will also be able to visit one of the most paradisiacal places less than five hours from the country’s capital: the beautiful Grutas de Xajha, a unique natural paradise of hot springs and spectacular views.

A river with crystal clear waters, impressive caverns, and views that will leave you speechless are just some of the attractions that the Xajha Grottoes offer to visitors. The best thing about this place is that to reach all its hidden natural treasures you have to undertake a great adventure in the company of the inhabitants because only they know how to get close.

To get to the Grutas de Xajha, you have to navigate the Moctezuma River by boat, a route that can be hired at the ecotourism hostel that is at the entrance of the town. Also, on this site, the locals also offer off-road vehicle rental to enjoy the mountainous part of the area, from which you can admire a truly captivating landscape.

Source: Grutas Xhajhá

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