Over 4,000 migrants Shouting “we want to pass”, caravan break fence and advance to Guatemala


More than 4 thousand Honduran migrants, including several minors, made their way among the police while they sang the anthem; They are heading to the United States.

At least 4,500 Honduran migrants traveling on foot to the United States managed to enter Guatemalan territory on Friday night, after breaking a police siege shouting “we want to pass”, without clashes with the forces of order. reported AFP reporters.

The estimate of the number of walkers was delivered by a Guatemalan police chief at the El Florido border crossing, 220 km east of Guatemala City. The decision not to confront the migrants was made after verifying that there were many families with minors in the group, he explained.

honduran caravan 2021

The migrants, who in the last hours of the day had reached the point El Florido After ruling out going through Agua Caliente, in the department of Ocotepeque, they vastly outnumbered the police from the two Honduran checkpoints and, singing the national anthem, crossed into Guatemala.

For its part, the EFE agency reports that there were  clashes between police and migrant groups.

One of the Honduran police officers who was in charge of the first checkpoint was hit in the head with a stone, while, in Guatemalan territory , a woman fainted when the migrants, around 2,000, were face to face with the forces of the order of the neighboring country.

honduran caravan 2021

In addition, they reiterated that to continue on their route they had to register and show proof that they are not infected with covid-19.

On the Guatemalan side, the Hondurans reached the first police cordon, which was not armed, and asked the migrants to organize themselves

Source: milenio.com

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