No, it’s not photoshopped the Red Dunes exist in Mexico, find out where


If you are a cyclist, prepare the route since walking in the Red Dunes of Pacula is like visiting the planet Mars.

The red dunes of Pacula are located in Hidalgo.

Pacula is a municipality that belongs to the state of Hidalgo, it belongs to the Sierra Gorda region. Its name, of Nahuatl origin, “a place where there are many turns”. His secret, owning a corner of the very red planet, Mars.

Wouldn’t it be nice to bring a piece of Mars to Earth? Unfortunately, this is not possible, what you can do is visit the Red Dunes of Pacula, an unimaginable place that is hidden between the vegetation and the mountains.

A piece of Mars on Earth?

A section of San Francisco Pacula belongs to the Los Mármoles National Park, famous for its vegetation and size, which distracts attention from a short 30-minute trip over dirt that is made to the north of the municipality.

To get there you have to hike through rock formations adorned with local flora, pine, cedar and juniper trees, if you are lucky you can see deer, squirrels, coyotes, hares, foxes, and even opossums.

Almost to get there, you can see a mountain of limestone rock, home to coral reefs, scorpions, quails, and over which buzzards and eagles fly, no one would imagine that, at the foot of the mountain, the landscape turns from green to an incredible intense red.

This place is a mining area where phosphorus is extracted, but what gives it that “mars red” color is iron, which is found in large quantities. The sand also contains laterite, alumina and other minerals.

Among the red dunes there are rock formations out of reality, they add a lot to the imagination, but they deserve the attention of visitors to avoid accidents, even the sand is firm so it is recommended to wear suitable boots.

Photographers and cyclists are the most frequent visitors to the dunes, it is thanks to them and the tours that they organize that this beautiful place has been discovered to be visited with all the respect and care of one of the tourists’ house.

Pacula dunes

Where? San Francisco Pacula, Hidalgo.

When? All year

Free access, for safety it is better to go in a group or hire a tour.

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