Huichapan: the Magical Town haunted by witches (VIDEO)


In Huichapan, a town in the state of Hidalgo, locals protect themselves from evil creatures that come down from the sky.

In the Magical Town of Huichapan, located in the state of Hidalgo, there are many legends about witches. Just 30 minutes away, in the mythical hill of Coatépetl – a sacred place for the Mexica – witches maim themselves, gouge their own eyes out, and mutilate their arms and legs to throw them in the fire so nobody can find them.

Curiosity on the supernatural is not a new thing. Many are attracted by these legends about these beings that some conceive as ugly women full of warts, whereas others imagine them as beautiful women, able to enchant men to their doom.

In this town, locals say the word “witch” must not be uttered on Fridays and that newborns must be extremely taken care of, for these evil women hunt them and drink their blood.

Locals say that “giant and sinister fireballs” fly in the sky and that is why to protect themselves from those beings “they create salt lines on the roofs of their homes and put charms and iron scissors to avert unwanted appearances.” In addition, they do not walk in the streets by night, and children are called by their mothers to go back to their houses before 7 pm, “the time in which evil creatures allegedly come down from the sky.”

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The legends are so many that the official website of the Municipal Government of Huichapan offers a “Fear and Mystery Tour.” The tour is by Turibus and begins at the Municipal Palace; then it passes by the cemetery and there is the chance to visit the mausoleums “where only the bravest can finish the tour,” as mentioned in the website.

Then, the tour continues to the Sabina Grande scrubbers, a place that, as Coatépetl hill, has given place to many stories; the tour ends in a firepit with a traditional beverage and marshmallows.

Regarding Sabina Grande, it is said that a long time ago a man passing by heard the sound of water as if someone was washing. When he came nearer, he could observe the gorgeous silhouette of a woman. He, wanting to conquer her, started to talk to her to catch her attention; however, she did not look back. Suddenly, the man decided to speak louder to see if that worked. When the woman looked back, he was shocked, for the woman had a horse face.

About Coatépetl hill, it is said that there used to be mines that have become caves nowadays in which the time is not perceived. “The legend says that those who take a nap one hour in this place will wake up five years later.”

Source: El Universal / Youtube


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