Sheinbaum and the Future of U.S.-Mexico Relations (National Interest)

Claudia Sheinbaum

Mexico voted overwhelmingly for Claudia Sheinbaum to become its next president. She won nearly 60 percent of the popular vote—6 percent more than the incumbent President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) obtained in 2018. The political coalition led by the Morena Party secured commanding majorities in both houses of Congress and obtained victories in state elections across Mexico.

With this impressive victory, however, come challenges that will send clear signals about how this new super-majority intends to govern Mexico and what kind of partner the United States can expect to deal with. 

AMLO, with Morena’s congressional majorities, seeks to transform the coalition’s victory into approval of significant constitutional reforms in September before Sheinbaum is sworn in on October 1. While it is not yet clear how many of AMLO’s proposed reforms will be presented in September, he has clarified that he wants to initiate massive judicial reforms, alarming a wide range of Mexican and U.S. experts and businesses. 

The reforms championed by AMLO will also create a fait accompli for incoming President Sheinbaum, who is simultaneously assembling her cabinet and planning the first steps of her six-year term.

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