Digital site with sexual content of 697 girls and young people from Hidalgo is shutdown 


PACHUCA, Hgo. The Frente Nacional para la Sororidad, together with the Codigo Violeta and the Hidalgo Attorney General’s Office managed to remove from circulation a link with sexual content of 697 girls, adolescents and young adults from Hidalgo, which was traded under the so-called Mega cloud sexual exploitation markets. 

At a press conference, Olimpia Coral Melo Cruz, an activist for digital spaces free of violence for women and girls, together with Martha Briones Rangel, a member of the Frente Nacional para la Sororidad and the Codigo Violeta, as well as Santiago Nieto Castillo in charge of the PGJEH office, reported that a web site link was shutdown, this link contained images, videos, audios and other content of 697 victims of violation of sexual intimacy, all of which are from the state of Hidalgo. 

It was specified that when conducting the investigation and identification of the victims found in these digital site, the young women and girls belong mostly to the municipalities of Pachuca, Tulancingo, Actopan, Tizayuca, Mineral de la Reforma and Tulancingo. 

The referred IP address of the site, which translates as the identifier that allows information to be sent between devices on a network, had a server in Australia as its point of origin. 

The activists pointed out that this is the largest market for sexual exploitation found in Hidalgo, that in their investigation of the last 6 years they counted more than 2 thousand of these. 

The markets for sexual exploitation, they explained, are digitized spaces where photographs, videos, audios, and strictly intimate sexual content are accumulated, managed, sold, produced, and marketed without the consent of adults or, in the case of minors, already It is classified as child pornography. 

Source: Quadratin