Lawyer Miguel Ontiveros says there could be sufficient conditions to extradite Enrique Peña Nieto from Spain

Miguel Ontiveros (Photo: Excelsior)

Emilio Lozoya’s lawyer, Miguel Ontiveros, requested the extradition of former president Enrique Peña Nieto for the Odebrecht case, pointing out that there are enough elements for him to testify before the authorities for the bribery of the Brazilian oil company to different officials of the PRI government, including the former director of Pemex, in exchange for obtaining public works contracts.

Leaving the intermediate hearing for the Agronitrogenados case, in which a reparation agreement is outlined with the authorities for it and that of Odebrecht, the lawyer assured that Emilio Lozoya has provided “sufficient evidence” that points to former president Peña Nieto as the “responsible of an organized apparatus of power focused on corruption.”

He said that for this reason, he maintains that there are conditions for the former director of Pemex, his mother, sister, and wife to be granted all the benefits provided by law, due to the cooperation with the authorities and the evidence Lozoya has presented regarding these acts of corruption.

Ontiveros maintained that Peña Nieto was aware of the bribes, so he should answer directly to the authorities.

“We believe that, as happened in the case of the former president of Peru (Alejandro Toledo) who was extradited from the United States to Peru in the Odebrecht case because there were sufficient conditions. And in the case of the former president of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto, there were sufficient conditions for him to be extradited from Spain”, Emilio Lozoya’s lawyer, Miguel Ontiveros pointed out to the media.

Source: Excelsior

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