Mundo Charro: theme park, shows, hotels, gastronomy, and museums in the heart of Hidalgo


“During the Tianguis Turístico 2023 in Mexico City, it was announced that a park in Hidalgo will offer tourists a unique cultural experience that will include shows, hotels, gastronomy, and museums: Mundo Charro.

According to the Mexican Federation, this cultural practice has its origins in the 17th century when a group of indigenous people received permission to ride a horse at the Hacienda de Santa Lucía in Pachuca, in order to learn how to tame cattle.

According to the Mexican Federation, it happened when a group of 22 indigenous people was authorized to ride a horse by order of Viceroy Luis de Tovar Godínez, through the intercession of the Jesuit father Gabriel de Tapia. This was in order for the indigenous people to learn the taming of cattle and later, of horses.

Although the charrería spread throughout the country and was developed to a large extent in Jalisco where the charras developed new horse riding techniques, as well as new equipment such as saddles and bridles.

The charrería was declared an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by Unesco in 2016. Now to continue with this tradition, the Mundo Charro project will offer unique experiences related to the charrería.

Mundo Charro is a theme park that promises to be the liveliest and most complete Mexican experience. This project seeks to celebrate traditions combined with technology, and natural, cultural, and artistic environments to create a unique cultural sensory experience, designed for national and foreign tourists.

It will have an extension of 100 hectares offering traditional shows, shopping areas with handicrafts, museums, luxury and family accommodations, typical gastronomy of the area, and natural areas.

This new park will have 7 cultural museums, highlighting the charro, the horse, the Mexican distillates, the pulque, the Gastronomy museum and workshop, and the Vive México Immersive Museum, which will have different technologies such as video mapping with travel themes.

It will also offer workshops for making handicrafts and typical gastronomy, such as cocoa, corn, cheese, castería, and handmade toys. As for lodging, in an extension of 65 hectares of forest with animals in the wild, it will have a boutique hotel called Grand Relax Tegisty Collection and Mundo Charro Trademark Collection, focused on families.

The park will also feature a spa, swimming pool, and a bonfire area.

As for shows in the Mundo Charro along the avenues of the park, there will be parades with typical and thematic clothing and attire, and exhibitions in the Lienzo Charro with charreadas, skirmishes, and Amazons.

There will also be different presentations and traveling art exhibitions with singers, dance, and poetry. Mundo Charro will be located on the Mexico-Tulacingo highway at Kilometer 79 in the town of Singuilucan, Hidalgo, just an hour and a half by car from CDMX and 40 minutes from Pachuca.

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