Psycopath is caught on video brutally torturing a small dog in Actopan, Hidalgo


The man can be seen slamming the dog against the floor and the wall and then dunking it in freezing water.

PACHUCA, Hidalgo.- Through an anonymous complaint, it was learned of a man who was brutally hurting a little brown dog, which he lashed against the wall and the floor, and then put it in frozen water, according to the Actopan Municipal Presidency.

Due to the above, the mayor’s office, together with the ” Saving Angeles ” shelter for canines and cats, initiated the corresponding legal actions against the abuser.

Mayor Tatiana Ángeles highlighted that this case will be followed up to eradicate animal abuse and promote a culture of respect for life.

In the photographs that were sent to the mayor’s office, a man appears who, with the help of another person, supports a canine, which, according to the complainants, had previously been beaten.

On the ground is a cube that presumably contains ice water, in which the animal was being submerged.

Source: El Imparcial

Hidalgo Daily Post


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