The Magical Town that was the first “European city” in Mexico


EL ORO, HIDALGO.- Mexico has great Magical Towns, not only because of the natural beauty of historical importance but also because of the great buildings that survive over the years. One of them is El Oro, the first ‘European city’ that existed in the country and that you can get to know without going so far since it is located a few hours from Mexico City. El Oro is one of the colonial architecture destinations that you will love, as well as its design in houses and temples that are undoubtedly a predominant landscape and European style.

El Oro is one of the mining destinations that survive to tell its story, as this period of splendor ended many years ago. It currently has stately buildings and great views of the lush pine and cedar forests that surround it, which will allow you to enjoy great activities at the Brockman and Victoria Dams. We will tell you why this charming Magical Town of the State of Mexico is called the ‘first European city’.

Why is El Oro the first ‘European city’ in Mexico?

  According to historical data, the Magical Town of El Oro was founded by English and French people who exploited the most valuable resource in this place; the gold mines, here is the name of this fascinating town that lived its maximum splendor during the early 20th century, being one of the richest cities in the country with a population of more than fifty thousand inhabitants.

At the same time, El Oro is one of the Magical Towns that obtained great resources, necessary for a city to have electricity, railways, department stores, high-level nightclubs, hotels, restaurants, etc. All this for the main mineral that was used in this Magical Town.

After its heyday, the European inhabitants abandoned El Oro due to the political changes after the Mexican Revolution, so now you can appreciate the architectural and historical legacy of what was the first ‘European city’ in Mexico. Enjoy its narrow streets that will make you transport yourself to another era, as well as visit the restaurant inside a train carriage or go to the dams to admire the forest and the beautiful lake.

Source: Escapada

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