In the highest area of ​​Hidalgo, there is one of the largest obsidian deposits in the world with obsidian of all colors.

Hidalgo is the only place in the world where you can find golden obsidian.

The Cerro de las Navajas Ecological Park and Natural Reserve is a mountainous formation of more than 3000 meters high, which, in addition to its Teotihuacan, Aztec and Toltec archaeological remains; It is a site highlighted by the recent exploration for the extraction of obsidian.

In fact, in this site obsidian mines have been found, in the surroundings of the town of El Nopalillo, in the municipality of Epazoyucan, Hidalgo. The importance of the site is that it is the only one in the world where you can find golden obsidian.

But in this place, the exploitation of mines comes from pre-Hispanic times, and in fact, in that area, it is possible to find many vestiges. The obsidian extraction territory is estimated to cover about 200 hectares.

Today, 20 to 22 mines are active with a depth of 20 to 100 meters. A large part of the population is dedicated to the extraction, commercialization and elaboration of obsidian crafts, offering it to the local, national and foreign public. It is the main economic activity of the community.

So much so, that in the center of the community of El Nopalillo “The Obsidian Festival” is celebrated in the month of June, where various cultural activities are carried out: lectures on the history of obsidian, artisan exhibitions, presentation of dances, musical and artistic groups.

The highest area of ​​Hidalgo is located at 3,180 meters above sea level, where there is the largest obsidian deposit in the world. The place is known as Cerro de las Navajas or Iztépetl in the Nahuatl dialect, in the south-southeast of the state of Hidalgo, just 20 minutes from the city of Pachuca.

This site is full of coniferous and oak forests, there is a viewpoint built of wood, from where you can see part of the valleys of Tulancingo and Mexico. Obsidian mines can be found throughout this valley.

It is something peculiar to imagine that artisans from pre-Hispanic times, Teotihuacans and Toltecs, worked here. To date, arrowheads are still being made, even knives, pocket knives, vessels and other objects that were used in war, political, religious, economic, agricultural and domestic activities.

Vestiges of this type of object, especially those made with golden obsidian, were found in towns of the Mayan culture and even in the Inca area of ​​Peru. Alexander Von Humbolt, had the opportunity to tour and admire the Cerro de las Navajas. At present, this important and beautiful natural area of ​​the state of Hidalgo is conditioned to receive visitors who love ecotourism and extreme adventure.

In the El Nopalillo ejido, this activity of making crafts with golden, black and green obsidian is still continued.

Source: mxcity.mx

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