One of the most amazing corners of the Mexican Pacific coast “Playa Maruata”


One of the most amazing corners of the Mexican Pacific coast. Beautiful Michoacan beach of fine sand with incredible golden and pink reflections.

Here you can see the amazing rock formation of El Castillo, sculpted by ocean waves over millions of years. In addition, Maruata is considered the most important ecological tourist destination in the country, since it is a natural refuge for the brown or black turtle, here the chelonian can mate and nest freely.

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How to get ??

Without a doubt, the most easily accessible route is Mexico Zihuatanejo and travel along the entire coast – highway no. 200 – until crossing the port of Lázaro Cárdenas – Playa Azul and Caleta de Campos, the closest town to Maruata.

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Places to Know:

From Maruata you can start the journey to the north and visit the Colola beach, a small community where an ecomuseum dedicated to the turtle and its different species was recently inaugurated; Lighthouse of Bucerías , a beach destination with thick and yellow sand and strong waves; and San Juan de Alima , considered one of the paradises of the Michoacan coast, since between its exuberant vegetation and the song of exotic birds, you can enjoy pleasant tranquility.

Faro de Bucerías, Michoacán by Notas de Viaje

Where to Stay and Eat:

Maruata does not have a tourist infrastructure, for this you have to move to Caleta de Campos. Or if you prefer to participate in the care of the turtles, call the phone (43) 14.26.22 of Ecotonia, AC

Sport activities:

The best sport that can be practiced is walking, since Maruata offers landscapes of capricious forms.

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