35 bags containing human remains found in Guanajuato’s clandestine graves


The Platform for Peace and Justice in Guanajuato (plataforma por la paz y justicia en Guananjato), confirmed the discovery of 35 plastic bags with human remains and 14 clandestine graves in the municipality of Acámbaro.

He also specified that on Monday, December 14th, the groups “Buscadoras Guanajuato”, “Standing until I find you”, “A light on my way” and “Where are they” began work to search for missing persons in Río Blanco.

35 bags containing human remains have been found in Acambaro, Guanajuato (Photo: Rumbo Nuevo)

These civil society groups have been formed before the incompetence of the local authorities to search for their dead relatives’ remains.

In this regard, they indicated that seven bags with human remains were found in three clandestine graves.

This is very close to the point where 11 graves and 28 bags were located last week, so there are already 14 bags full of human remains detected and collected in this municipality.

The platform indicated that representatives from the State Attorney General’s Office and the Guanajuato Human Rights Ombudsman were present during the day.


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