New measures to combat COVID-19 imposed in Morelos


The government of Morelos has announced new coronavirus restrictions after the state regressed this week to orange light “high” risk from yellow light “medium” on the federal stoplight system.

The government said there will be strict 30% capacity limits on a range of businesses and other places frequented by members of the public. They include cinemas, theaters, museums, hair salons, public and private offices and events centers.

Civil and political organizations must limit capacity to 25% of normal levels at any meetings or events they hold while places of worship are restricted to the same maximum capacity level. Most factories, department stores, shopping centers, gyms and spas are also limited to 25% capacity.

The automotive, construction and mining industries are restricted to having 50% of their regular workforces on site, while hotels, restaurants, markets and supermarkets can operate at the same maximum capacity.

The government also said there will be increased vigilance of existing health protocols such as the mandatory use of face masks.

The central square of state capital Cuernavaca has been closed to the public as have other smaller squares in the city’s historic center.

Morelos has recorded 8,370 confirmed coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic, the fifth lowest total among Mexico’s 32 states, and 1,315 Covid-19 deaths.

The state’s fatality rate is 15.7 per 100 confirmed cases, 69% higher than the national rate of 9.3. That suggests that a large number of cases are going undetected in Morelos, which borders Mexico City – the country’s coronavirus epicenter.

Hospital in Cuernavaca, Morelos (La Jornada)

Although there are only just over 500 active cases in the state, according to federal Health Ministry estimates, Morelos is at “real risk” of regressing to red on the stoplight map, said Health Minister Marco Cantú.

Source: MND

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