Video: In the style of “El Chapo”, they build a tunnel to rob a vault in Celaya


It had air conditioning, lighting and even wifi

Much in the style of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, the Guanajuato State Attorney General’s Office found a tunnel built under a vault of the securities company SEPSA in Celaya. 

According to the information, the 120-meter-long underground tunnel had air conditioning, lighting and even Wi-Fi, which would have been built to steal 600 million pesos

Without giving more details, the State Prosecutor’s Office pointed out that it has already opened an investigation folder against those who are responsible. 

So far it is unknown if there are people arrested although, according to local media, the robbery was thwarted last Monday. 

According to Excelsior, a concrete slab with a heavy-gauge armored steel plate was what made it impossible for criminals to access the vault, while an alarm would have been activated. 

The tunnel passes under several houses and commercial premises, however, the Civil Protection direction pointed out that risk studies will not be carried out because they have not been asked for help. 

It is believed that among those involved there are people related to the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel, which operates in the area.

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