This hotel brings the ancestral experience of Japan to Tlaxcala


The exclusive property was designed to coexist in total harmony with nature and under a self-sustainable concept.

JapoNeza Retreat is the name of the hotel in Tlaxcala that seeks to mix the parallels of Mexican and Japanese culture in an oasis surrounded by spectacular mountainous landscapes.

The impressive settings that surround this property are the perfect invitation to discover the hotel, which also finds inspiration in Nezahualcóyotl, who was considered the best architect of the pre-Hispanic era.

In this way, the best of two countries converge in total harmony: Mexico and Japan, so distant and dissimilar to each other, but through different details that embrace the construction, they manage to create a temple of tranquility and rest.

hotel Tlaxcala JapoNeza Retreat
Photo: Courtesy JapoNeza Retreat México.

So the hotel in Tlaxcala

For this, JapoNeza Retreat was designed by Fausto Terán under a self-sustainable concept, where natural materials were used. There, the surreal sunrises will be part of the lodging attraction, while the tranquil views of the Atlangatepec Lagoon are contemplated, whose landscapes surrounded by volcanoes will give a touch of bombast to the beautiful contemplation.

hotel tlaxcala JapoNeza Retreat
Photo: Courtesy JapoNeza Retreat.

Turning around and taking a closer look at the interiors of this hotel will reveal the various spaces created with the aim of showing the spiritual traditions of the land of the rising sun, such as the traditional Japanese bath.

hotel Tlaxcala
Photo: Courtesy JapoNeza Retreat.

The surroundings were also designed under the ‘ Shinrin Yoku ‘ or ‘ forest bathing ‘ philosophy, a spiritual practice where all the senses will be alerted to provide greater well-being to health, by having a total immersion experience with nature.

hotel tlaxcala JapoNeza Retreat
Photo: Courtesy JapoNeza Retreat.

The exclusive property offers a menu of amenities designed for the guests’ greatest pleasure – such as a personalized butler, an exquisite gastronomic proposal, as well as an outdoor Jacuzzi – where moments of total relaxation will be created under the stellar mantle.

In this way, a space with ancestral energy is recreated that will allow you to catapult the senses to renew the energy of the body and spirit.

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