Deputies approve fines and arrests in Nayarit for not wearing face masks


Fines will be up to 1,700 pesos or an arrest of 36 hours for those who do not use face masks in the 20 municipalities of Nayarit.

Representatives and local deputies approved the mandatory use of face masks in Nayarit.

Citizens who do not comply with the use of face masks, hand sanitizer gel, keep a safe distance between people, cover their mouth and face when coughing or sneezing will be punished with 36 hours of arrest or a fine of up to 1,700 pesos. , avoid spitting on public roads.

For people who are engaged in wages, labor sector, or other trades, they may not be punished with a fine greater than their daily salary; as well as non-salaried workers.

The authorities should reinforce community information measures to generate empathy between people, to preserve public health, and raise awareness.


The Nayarit Post


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