Silao Guanajuato police want to be faster; today they take 25 minutes to arrive


Receive 911 staff training to improve your response times

The State System for CoordinationCommand Control Communications, Computing, and Intelligence (C5i) provided training to elements of the 911 emergency center of the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Silao, aimed at the use of new technologies to receive and answer telephone calls, with the aim of significantly reducing response times and timely reaction to incidents.

The head of the Secretariat for Citizen SecurityJosé Carlos Ramos Ramos, stated that he is committed to constant training to yield better results in terms of citizen service.

In September of this year, when Ramos Ramos took over the Silao Police, he commented that one of the main issues on which he will begin working immediately would be the response time to emergency calls because, after an analysis that he The same carried out in the past days, he identified that the elements take more than 25 minutes to attend a report.

“The response time is a lot for the area, for urban issues; but we are going to solve it, we are sure that we are going to be very attentive that the reports are as standard, less than ten minutes of reaction and attention “, he detailed.

Before them, he pointed out that this training is derived from the framework of inter-institutional collaboration between the State Public Security Secretariat and the local Citizen Security Secretariat. “We have to keep improving to serve society,” he said.

The C5i State System is the agency responsible for the operation of the monitoring and radiocommunication systems in public security, justice, emergency, and rescue institutions. According to the description on its own website, it supervises the activities carried out by municipal emergency care centers.

In addition to the training, the company that provides the telephone service has already replaced copper cabling with fiber optic lines, another improvement that contributes to optimizing citizen service at the local 911 emergency care center.


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