Traveling With a Pet To Mexico – The Adventure And The COST


By Happy Trekkers

We normally leave our pets at home where a family member can check on them and take care of them while we were gone. But on this trip, we didn’t have anyone to watch our cat so we made our first trip with a cat and boy was it a learning curve.

Taking a cat to Mexico was an experience and one that you may be considering. When it is all said and done it wasn’t terrible and we enjoyed having here there with us for the month but that initial two days of travel with a pet on a plane, veterinary visits, and health certifications, etc. were a challenge, to say the least.

💲 In this video, we tell you our experience, the ins and outs, and the costs of traveling with a cat to Mexico. We have only ever taken this cat this one time. If you take a dog in the cabin or one that goes under the plane your experience may vary to a certain degree.

**The information regarding whether or not you need a health certification is conflicting between the US and the Mexican website. I offer no advice one which you should follow.

But here are the two sites. If someone knows better please comment below.



Here is the cat carrier we used:…

We also took a portable kitty litter box. We didn’t mention that in the video but this is what we used:…

🏠 We almost always stay at Airbnb when we travel. Often they are in a real neighborhood and you get a better feel for what it’s like to live there. follow our link to check out Airbnb:…

Thank you for watching 🤩🤩

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