In San Miguel de Allende 16,000 families live from romance tourism


San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.

Entrepreneurs in this sector seek to join the Guanajuato Wedding, Events and Venues Association to reactivate their economy

According to the register of Penzi Weddings, 16 thousand families live from the romance industry in San Miguel de Allende, which is why the concern of several entrepreneurs in this sector to join the Association of Weddings, Events, and Venues of Guanajuato (ABER ).

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“So that all municipalities have a representation in this association and we can get and strengthen the industry in the face of tough competition from all sides, this also means for us many more safe and fairly paid jobs throughout the state, just in San Miguel de Allende in addition, 16 thousand families live from this industry “, commented Guadalupe Álvarez, president of ABER Guanajuato.

Their purpose is the integration of wedding and event planners, as well as specialized venues and venues since they are organized in a professional manner in the state of Guanajuato

“It was born from a number of entrepreneurs dedicated to the Romance Industry with the idea of ​​joining forces with the firm intention of further professionalizing, adding value to these activities in all municipalities, providing the necessary support and tools, to promote all service providers to join forces in the value chain of this industry, “he said.

In San Miguel de Allende, there is a record that 90 percent of the tourists who decide to get married in this municipality, adding more than 800 weddings a year, that is, 19 per week.

“You (Romance Industry) represent a very significant number of venues and wedding providers, we have over 300 scattered throughout the state. Without a doubt, Guanajuato is a benchmark in this segment, I congratulate them for this work and commitment with which they carry out the activities ”, said the teacher Juan José.

(ABERGto) will give partners in this industry “the benefit of networking, training, having a voice in initiatives, access to discounts and special rates in national events of alliances between members, access to certifications and seminars with international validity, among others”, he highlighted Guadalupe Alvarez.

They seek to have the best quality of holding events, and they also commit to each of the clients from different municipalities.

“We know that in each municipality there are different clients and that in each wedding, or event the client who hires us, we must always commit ourselves to providing the highest quality in all aspects,” concluded Guadalupe Álvarez.


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