“Bosco’s Camp” Atlixco Route in Puebla between mountains and flowers


The cool climate of the region located on the slopes of Popocatépetl accompanied the adventurers on a complex and little-traveled route.

La ruta de las flores

After the restart of the off-road activity in Mexico after the route in Villa del Carbón, in the State of Mexico last July, the events organized by Bosco’s Camp have an increasing number of participants. The adventure that I will tell you about in this edition took place in one of the greenest and most attractive areas of the country, with a cool and pleasant climate.

Destination in detail

It was thus that the agenda marked as a starting point the “Pueblo Magico” magical town of Atlixco, belonging to the state of Puebla, a community settled on the slopes of the Popocatépetl volcano or Don Goyo, as its inhabitants call it. Considered their protector, no one is afraid of their sudden “mood swings” and they claim that the chances of erupting are minimal. However, days before the organizers reviewed the Volcanic Warning Traffic Light to rule out any danger. This region is characterized by an economy based mainly on the cultivation of flowers such as poinsettia or cempasúchil.

Green flag

It was last Saturday, October 17, when 15 units were lined up in the central courtyard of the Chrysler Formula Angelópolis distributor in order to formalize the start of this journey. Before that, the technical team carried out a review of the general condition of each vehicle to find out which ones had basic equipment and which ones had elements of a professional nature, as well as to verify that tires, lights, and other accessories were in acceptable conditions of use.

At 9 o’clock in the morning, the contingent took a westward route following Juan Bosco, who, as in every event, is in charge of setting the pace and the way forward.

Atlixco, Puebla. Pueblos Mágicos de México

Before heading into the woods, each crew obeyed prompts to activate the 4Low drive system as well as to reduce tire pressure to 18 pounds for a practical benefit in traction.

The first part of the day was characterized by dirt and gravel roads of medium difficulty. As the contingent advanced, the complexity increased with the road in poor condition, abrupt changes in level, ditches, larger rocks as well as slopes with an angle of inclination that at times exceeded 45 degrees.

Finally, and after just over three hours of driving in the middle of nature, the 15 cars and their occupants reached the area known as the Grand Canyon, which meant the most complicated test of the day due to the terrain, and in which it was It is necessary to put into practice the correct driving technique.

Before leaving…

In addition to activating the transfer case in the 4Low position, it was necessary for cars with differential locks to follow the instructions of the Bosco’s Camp team to engage them at the correct time.

One by one the units advanced through the different obstacles such as ditches, rock walls, and slopes.

After sharing food, taking advantage of the time available to rest and when the day was about to end, the participants continued to the town of San Juan. Although the degree of complexity had decreased, two complicated sections were present in which more than one car was trapped and which were released thanks to the winch of the lead car.

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