Two alleged robbers beaten to death on the Mexico-Pachuca highway


The men were attacked by the passengers they tried to rob inside a public transportation bus.

Two presumed robbers were beaten to death, while another one survived, after trying to assault the passengers of a bus on the Mexico-Pachuca highway, in the municipality of Ecatepec, State of Mexico.

According to reports from the passengers of the bus, riding to the Northern Bus Station of Mexico Cty, around 10:00 a.m. three men boarded the bus and took positions inside the aisle.

One of them brandished a gun and demanded money, but it seems that at least one passenger didn’t comply. The robber then shot his gun, but the bullet bounced and killed one of his accomplices.

The passengers took advantage of the situation and proceeded to beat the robbers, killing another one. His body was left near the bus after it stopped at the toll both in San Cristóbal, Ecatepec.

A survivor was then delivered to the Federal Police. So far, no passenger has been arrested for the killing of the robber.

Source: OEM

Hidalgo Daily Post


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