Ten Catholic priests dead by Covid-19 in San Luis Potosí


The Archbishop’s spokesman, Juan Jesús Priego, said that 35 clergymen have been infected with this virus while attending to other sick.

Juan Jesús Priego, the spokesman for the Potosí archbishopric, reported that 10 months after the start of the pandemic in the state, 10 Catholic priests have died from Covid-19.

The religious man said that 35 priests have been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and pointed out that the transmission was due to the attention of services such as the anointing of the sick.

San Luis Potosi Cathedral (Photo: https://sic.cultura.gob.mx/)

He explained that during this week, five clergymen who are recovering from the disease have remained inside the San Pablo house, located in the capital of Potosí, while one more is hospitalized and connected to an artificial ventilator.

Regarding the arrival of vaccines, Priego Rivera stressed that the archbishopric of Potosí will abide by the national vaccination plan; in other words, there will be no protocol for the early inoculation of priests, but it will be done in accordance with what is established at the federal level.

Finally, he called on the Potosino population to take care of the transmission of the disease, since vaccines “are not magic” and the virus will remain with us until 100% immunity is met by biological agents.

Padre Rolando Maldonado is one of the ten Catholic priests that have died as a consequence of Covid-19 in San Luis Potosi he was director of Casa del Migrante (Photo: OEM)

“The best vaccine is to comply with the prevention measures, to sanitize ourselves completely, to avoid crowds, and not to go out if we don’t have what to do,” Priego concluded.

Source: El Universal

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