Shark Tank Mexico TV show producer’s house looted in San Miguel de Allende


On January 3rd, the house of Kirén Miret, executive producer and director of the famous Shark Tank México TV show, was emptied.

The TV producer literally posted on her Twitter account that her house had been “emptied”.

State Attorney General’s Office established a position on the tweet posted by host Kirén Miret, who published on Sunday that her house in San Miguel de Allende had been emptied.

Kiren Miret

The local newspaper Periodico Correo published that the house in San Miguel de Allende property of Kirén Miret, executive producer and director of the Shark Tank México program, had been robbed, and left totally empty.

She denounced the facts on her Twitter account, where she also said that in recent weeks she had received calls with threats to rob her ‘Casa Morgana’ ice cream parlor, another of her businesses in Mexico City, where thieves have already entered twice.

“Today they robbed my house in San Miguel de Allende AND THEY EMPTIED IT,” Miret wrote this Sunday on her Twitter account.

Kiren Miret

On the subject, the local government said that the issue had to be dealt with by the State Attorney General’s Office as it was a crime within the local jurisdiction. The agency confirmed on Monday, Jan. 4th, that there was no complaint on this crime under the name of the TV producer (or at least not yet).

Source: San Miguel Times

San Miguel Post


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