Mayor of Guadalupe, Zacatecas holds meetings with Swiss investors


Determined to attract foreign investors to strengthen the industrial and labor proposal of the municipality, the mayor of Guadalupe, Zacatecas, Julio César Chávez Padilla, met with representatives of the Swiss capital to show them the virtues and potential of the city, in addition to strengthening collaboration with organizations and the government of that country.

At the meeting, which took place virtually, Julio César Chávez Padilla exchanged information with Rubén Araiza and Jhordy Tovilla from the Swiss Business Hub in Mexico, as well as with the General Director of the Swiss-Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Christian Michel; and with Maïa Inzaurralde Nahshon, Attaché for Economic and Political Affairs of the Swiss Embassy in our country.

In his speech, the mayor, Julio César Chávez Padilla said that “in addition to being an industrial city, Guadalupe is the municipality with the largest population, and above the capital, we have become the engine of economic development in the state.”

Then he added, “despite the pandemic, we were the exception to the economic decline that was experienced throughout the country because there have even been private investment generating jobs”.

In the midst of this crisis, Julio César Chávez Padilla continued, this investment is rated positively for the municipality, adding that business investment refers to Soriana Plus and other investments by local entrepreneurs.

In the municipality of Guadalupe, he explained, there is an automobile industry with mostly Chinese, American and Japanese capital, “in addition to the excellent connectivity and tourist attractions.”

The presentation of the municipality of Guadalupe also included the main economic activities, which refer to agriculture, industry, and of course trade, mainly services, as well as the economically active population and the interaction between the business and education sectors.

Regarding economic dynamism, Julio César Chávez Padilla, said that the municipality of Guadalupe is the one that tops the list with the best indicators of economic development in the state, and at the national level it is within the top 10 places to start a business.

“Since 2005 to date, more than 4,500 new companies have been registered, and despite the pandemic, the number of companies that open exceeds that of the businesses that close,” a situation that places Guadalupe as a benchmark of strong economics and labor in the country.

At the meeting, Julio César Chávez Padilla was accompanied by Yannick Berchtold, head of the Economic Development Sub-Directorate, who referred to successful cases of investments that have materialized in the Guadalupe, Zacatecas territory.

For their part, the investors’ representatives presented the particular interests of both the members of the Swiss-Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as the objectives of the Swiss Embassy in economic and investment matters in our country.

Rubén Araiza and Jhordy Tovilla from the Swiss Business Hub in Mexico explained projects that have been developed successfully in other states of the country, as well as the main aspects to be considered by investors to bring capital to a certain city.

Finally, they agreed on the convenience of exchanging more information and later meeting to resolve more concerns.

Source: OEM

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