Cars stolen in Puebla and he finds it on sale on Facebook


The unit was stolen along with two vehicles in the Arboledas de Guadalupe neighborhood, the victim recovered it only with the help of state police

A month after he accused the apparent theft of his three vehicles parked outside his home in the Arboledas de Guadalupe neighborhood, the owner of the units on his own account and with the support only of the State Police managed to recover only one of the cars, one of which was even already offered through Facebook by a subject who has not been located or detained by the authorities.

Of the other two files, there is already information on where they could be found, however, the affected party assures that he does not have the support of the ministerial authorities, despite all the data that he has already provided and the complaint filed for these events.

The victim, Raúl N, said in an interview for El Sol de Puebla that just over the weekend at the State Prosecutor’s Office, the Public Ministry agent explained to him that they cannot do much more than turn the corresponding documents so that the owner or the tow workers who carried out the towing of the units tell who and why they hired them.

However, at the moment they have not done any type of investigation.

In this sense, the aggrieved said that approximately 15 days ago he noticed that through a Facebook page one of his units, a gray Volvo S40 vehicle was offered at 32 thousand 500 pesos, and even in the description, it is indicated that by accident when taking it To paint and detail, the starter block was activated, something that would have actually been activated when the unit had been dragged by force on September 19 when they were stolen or towed without the consent or notice to the owner.

Faced with such a situation, he decided to go to the site where a gray Volvo was, and once he confirmed that it was there, he asked for help at 9-1-1, so state police arrived at the site to learn of the matter, and although later moments Ministerial agents arrived, according to the witness, they did not intervene in any way.

Today the affected party calls on the ministerial authorities not to ignore his case and to help him recover his black Passat vehicle with identification plates from the State of Mexico and a golden Cadillac with plates from the Federal District.

It should be remembered that as El Sol de Puebla made it known at the time, the victim said that on September 19 at around 6:30 p.m. on Joaquín Colombres street when he and his family were not at home; Tow workers with the business name “Santiago” arrived at the site to hook up the three cars of the victim, which were parked outside his house.

Although from that moment he went to the aforementioned towing company, they refused to provide him with information about where his units were, they only limited themselves to saying that someone had hired them to tow them; To date, he has not solved the problem and fears that he will not be able to recover his vehicles, whose documents, he said, are in order.


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