Youtuber arrested in Mexico City for allegedly recording women’s buttocks


The CDMX Secretariat of Citizen Security reported that two youtubers were identified as possible responsible for committing sexual crimes against nine women.

The youtubers  Rata Política  and  Óscar Onofre Zurita  were detained by elements of the Secretariat for Citizen Security (SSC) for allegedly  recording the buttocks of a group of women on the streets of downtown Mexico City.

In a recording, it is observed that the men approach the Antimonumenta and a woman accuses them of recording the butt of their companions, and before the police they accuse them of harassment.

Through an information card, the Secretariat of Citizen Security reported that at the request of nine women who participated in a cultural political activity in the streets of the Historic Center, personnel of the Auxiliary Police of the SSC detained two men, who were identified as possible responsible to commit sexual crimes to the detriment of the complainants.

“The affected women stated that the men were broadcasting an interview live for a YouTube channel, but when they turned around they began to record their buttocks, so they returned to the possible perpetrators to tell them to erase the video, at which point they were physically attacked, as well as verbally insulted with sexist and violent language against them ”, reads a statement from the agency.


He added that the women requested the support of the uniformed officers to proceed against those likely to be implicated in the events, for which the police officers secured the two men to transfer them to the authorities of the Sixth Specialized Agency for Sexual Crimes, of the Attorney General’s Office. Justice (FGJ) where those affected appeared before the agent of the Public Ministry who will determine the legal situation of those involved.
“Likewise, investigate and punish poor police performance, abuses and omissions by police personnel and commits to the public not to allow acts contrary to the code of ethics, or any other that violates the integrity and honor of the Institution,” added the SCC.

Sheinbaum calls for transparency in the investigation

For her part, the Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum , respectfully asked the capital’s Prosecutor’s Office that the investigations be carried out with full transparency and justice so that the citizens are informed.

“I will be vigilant that there are no unjust accusations, nor violations of the privacy of women,” Sheinbaum Pardo wrote on his Twitter account.

He added that he requested that videos of the C5 be reviewed to verify that the detention was carried out according to human rights protocols, he requested respectfully.

Source: El Universal

The Mexico City Post


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