Expats donate fire truck to Bahía de Banderas


The municipal president of Bahía de Banderas Jaime Cuevas, formalized the donation and delivery of a fire truck, which was donated by members of the expat community.

They are Susan Fonfort and Arnold Mark Sokolove and José de Jesús Fregoso González, who made the purchase of this truck that was in a warehouse in Hollywood California United States.


The late-model unit is in very good condition and complements the emergency equipment, as there was only one truck of that type. 

The municipal president mentioned that Fregoso always maintains good communication with Harold and Susan, making this donation possible.

At the same time, he thanked the donation of this equipment, which was delivered to the Bahía de Banderas Civil Protection and Fire Department .    

This is intended to meet the emergency needs of the people of the municipality of Bahía de Banderas in the shortest possible time. 

The mayor thanked the benefactors for this support, which is for the benefit of the citizens of Bahía de Banderas and the municipality’s Fire Department.

Source: tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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